Kyla Rae Photography

Having a photographer there to capture your birth may sound a bit odd at first, but trust me...this is something you will love to look back on!

In the chaos of birth you and those included may quickly forget every detail. Or maybe you may wish you could have seen the look on each other's faces when that new baby was placed in your arms. Either way, this session is at the top of my "I wish I would have had this when I had my first babies" list! Instead I get to capture yours which is just as amazing.

I am on call for 4 weeks before, and up to 2 weeks after your due date. We make a plan for who will be the go-to contact person when and while you are in labor. Usually this ends up being dad or grandparents. I will also need to know where you plan to birth and who your doctor is. You will want to make sure your doctor is aware I will be there and if they have any objections or restrictions on what they want me photographing.

I recommend you keep me updated after appointments if there is any new news to report. That may be dilation or effacement etc. Basically, keep me in the loop!

When you do go into labor (contractions begin or water breaks), you will want to let me know immediately! Day or night! You will be given my number so you can text me and call me at any time labor seems to be on the horizon. I will ask that someone keep me updated while nurses do checks. I like to come when you are about 5 cm dilated.

I try to act as a fly on the wall as much as possible. I stay out of the way unless I am asked otherwise. I will take photos of the room and who is in it, little details of your labor, and finally when the time comes to deliver, I have been known to be placed up at the head of your bed against the wall. The perfect place to capture that new life entering the world! Once baby is born, my focus will turn to baby and moments that involve the connection between parents. I often stay for a short time after things settle down, but I like to get out of your hair as soon as possible to give you time to rest and bond with baby.

If you are having a planned C-section and would still love to hire me for your birth, we can discuss more details. I have been allowed into multiple c-sections with various doctors. However, I have learned that the anesthesiologist is the one who make the final decision on whether or not I will be allowed in the OR.

Your session includes your choice of all digitals with print release, or a printed album. Every birth is different, but you will end up with an average of 100 images give or take!