Want to add in more family? Grandma and Grandpa, sister Suzie and cousin Louie? Just add on $10 for each family unit. So let's say Suzie and Bob have 3 kids...$10. Louie and Beth have 5 kids...$10. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Let's get together and make some memories! I mean it! I want this to be fun for everyone. I know, I know...Dad is not loving the idea right? Tell him it will be painless. I do a mix of posing and guided interaction between you guys and the kids. Basically you strike a pose, and then I have you toss some kids in the air or twirl those little girls! Ok maybe it won't be EXACTLY like I describe, but I assure you I will capture those giggles and smiles. I include 15 images for download from your gallery, with the option to purchase more.

Kyla Rae Photography

Family sessions