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This program is a win win for you and me both! I am always looking to build my gown collection in the studio and my clients are always looking for the gown that is perfect for them! With this program you will order the gown of your choice through my vendor of choice (Sew Trendy Accessories). The only stipulation is that the gown must be approved by me. It needs to be something I can use again in a future session. My biggest concern will be the color. You will be given a link with my own code that gives you a discount on your order (an added bonus to the deal!) Once your session is complete, you will hand the gown over to me to keep and in return, I will give you product ordering credit on the amount you spent on the gown. How cool is that?! You get product ordering credit, and I get a gown! This is the win win! Keep in mind that we must order at least 6 weeks before your session date to guarantee your gown arrives on time.

When should I schedule my session?

What should I bring to my newborn session?

I do have some gowns on hand for use! My collection is always growing, but I may not have exactly what you have in mind. We will go over gown options when we are planning your maternity session. I do offer a program called "trade my gown". *see FAQ below! If your significant other or children will be included in your session, make sure we coordinate their outfits with what we decide you will wear for you gown option.

Frequently asked questions

I provide all wraps, outfits, headbands, props etc for newborn sessions. You will not need to provide anything for me to be able to capture your newborn photos! I do recommend you bring extra wipes and diapers because we may go through quite a few! If you are formula feeding, bring extras. If your newborn occasionally uses a pacifier, bring it. Sometimes a pacifier helps when calming and posing. I do not recommend the wabanub pacifiers as they tend to get in the way of poses.

What should I wear to my maternity session?

The easy answer? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Let's break it down more though.

Maternity- I like to shoot these sessions between 30 and 35 weeks of your pregnancy. Keep in mind that there will be some session planning and gown ordering involved too. That means I would love to have my first contact from you at least 6 weeks before you intend to have your session.

Newborn - These sessions are best when shot between 5 and 16 days old. That doesn't mean I can't or won't do it beyond 16 days, it is just an industry standard to get those super curled poses. To guarantee I have a spot in my schedule I strongly suggest you book your newborn session at least a month in advance. Even more if you can!

Milestone & Family -With the added flexibility of most milestone sessions, a week in advance is usually enough time. Again though, more advanced scheduling means more date and time options!

Cake Smash - I do these sessions when asked and I do love them. Keep in mind that this type of session requires a lot of prep on my end. I need time to order a cake, plan my set design, and more. Please schedule this session at least a month before you plan to have it!

Birth - Months! Many months! However, Never be afraid to contact me anyway just in case I have room to fit you in. I am on call for your birth which means I need to plan far ahead in my own personal and professional schedule. I plan all of my own family vacations or trips around my schedule and birth is a big factor!

What is the "trade my gown" program?