Maternity  This session is perfect to showcase the growth of your family with your pregnancy. This session is a wonderful way to remember your pregnancy. My goal is to show you how truly beautiful you are. My maternity sessions can be for you alone or include dad and the other kids.

Birth   A birth session is one of the most intimate and beautiful ways to capture the moments leading up to the birth of your newborn. Making sure Dad and Family are able to focus on you and your needs while I photograph every moment. I cover up to 6 hours of the labor and birth. We will carefully plan the details of this session together to ensure that everything is ready when I get that call to meet you at the hospital.

Smash n' Splash  is a twist on the cake smash session. This session is for 1 year olds. We will work together to come up with a theme or colors you would like for your session. I will have a cake made by a local bakery, custom outfit to coordinate, and backdrop and props to go alone with the theme. After the cake smash, we do the splash part of the session. A little antique tub will be filled with a few inches of warm water and bubbles. This doubles as a way to get more great photos and a way to clean up the mess from the cake smash. These sessions are an absolute blast!

Kyla Rae Photography Session Options

Family sessions are a great way to update those portraits. I do not put a limit on the number of members. This can be for Mom, Dad, and the kids. Or, it can be for extended family to include Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. I recommend an outdoor location as my little studio cannot fit very many. It is also nice to get a photo where you are comfortable and says who you are. This could be the family farm or your favorite park. We can break everyone up into groups and also one big together shot. This is left to your hearts desire. I want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

Sibling sessions are a great way to include all the kids. This session is best to do outdoors where there is room to roam and play in between poses. We can do some shots of all of them together and some individuals. There is no age limit or limit on the number of siblings. I like to capture the way they interact with each other to always remember those moments between them. Of course we will get some nice shots where they look like they like each other. Sometimes we just need to step back an let them be themselves to get some great shots.

Children sessions are for ages 6 and up. This session may be done outdoors or in my studio. I like to focus on the child's unique personality by keeping it simple. I don't typically like to use props but rather more poses to show off their sense of style. We can climb trees or take a stroll by the river. I encourage them to bring along things that make them who they are. This can include skate boards, musical instruments, or any sports equipment. It may take awhile to make them smile as this age they develop a sense of embarrassment or nervousness. A good chat to get to know each other can be all it takes.

Infant/Toddler  sessions are for ages 2 months up to 5 years. Depending on weather, you may choose to have your session outdoors at a location of your choosing, or, in my home studio. I have props to choose from including things for each holiday. If you are interested in a cake smash, let me know while booking your session. I like to make sure I know what colors or themes you are going for. I see too many parents become frustrated during a toddler session. I want you to know that I understand each and every child has a unique personality. I have seen it all and I enjoy capturing those moments of curiosity and wonder. My goal is for parents to sit back and enjoy the session. We will get goofy and wild if that's what it takes. I want you to end your session with a smile.

Newbornsessions are typically done in my home studio. I have many props for newborns including: baskets, blankets, wraps, headbands, hats, ties, diaper covers and much more. I allow plenty of time for feeding and calming. I do not ever want a family to feel rushed or frustrated. Newborn sessions take time and patience. I like to focus on baby but will also allow Mom, Dad, or any siblings to get in a pose or two with the new baby. I encourage you to bring anything you want incorporated into a photo. If you are big sports fans or farmers, bring in the things that make your family you. Never hesitate to contact me with questions or any concerns you have about your upcoming session.